My Basic Assessment of the Hastert Case

hastertMuch of what I have read tries to make it sound like we should be glad the government doesn’t let us spend our own money without telling them.

Before we get into this, let me voice my opinion that the Currency Transaction Report (CTR) law is ridiculous; Hastert should be able to spend his money on whatever he wants, when he wants, and in the quantities he wants.

The fact that our government restricts transactions over $10,000, or any amount for that matter, makes me want to scream Run Logan, Run!

In a quick review: Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted on charges of “Structuring” financial transactions, which means he was withdrawing and spending money in sub-increments of less than $10,000 in order to hide larger transactions for which he was required to report.

The federal government requires everyone to file a report explaining what you intend to do with any cash amount you withdraw from an account in excess of $10,000. They say they do this to thwart criminal activity, but it isn’t really working and turns out to be a simple way to keep an eye on you.

What Hastert did wrong was structure his withdrawals, and then lie to the Feds when they asked him about why he was doing such a thing. What this brought out of the woodwork is that Hastert was paying hush-money to someone referred to as “Individual A”.

We can safely assume that “Individual A” had some kind of experience with Hastert that was so completely damaging that he was able to command a $3.5 million dollar payday for simply keeping it under the covers. -Pardon the pun.

So, the facts are these:

  • Hastert structured financial transactions, which is illegal.
  • Hastert lied to the feds, which is also illegal.
  • Hastert was structuring in order to hide the fact that he was paying hush-money to someone.
  • Whatever it was that Hastert did with that someone was worth $3.5 million buckaroos.
  • There is no doubt that something worth $3.5 million was very, very, very ^10 bad.
  • Probably a compounding combination of immoral, illegal, and just plain wrong.

And, while I’ve been a bit shocked to see even a little bit of criticism from the left after so many of our Liberal leaders have found themselves in similar sexually embarrassing circumstances, there seems to be no getting around the fact that the former Speaker did something shameful and probably illegal.

Though ridiculous, Hastert did break the law, and more importantly, lied about it. He knew better, and got caught. He should have just hired the guy as a consultant.

At the high-ticket price of 3.5 million, there is no way the ‘incident’ isn’t something fairly immoral, illegal, and generally all things career-damaging. It is too bad it came to light after his apparent attempt at making amends and perhaps some repenting, but the bottom line is that he clearly did a very bad thing, and his credibility and reputation will rightfully suffer.

Now that the shit has hit the fan, I can’t imagine “Individual A” doesn’t get dragged into the fray, too. I can think of several problems for which that person will be scrutinized, most of which will involve a generous serving of prison time and a side helping of unwanted exposure.

For starters, every gumshoe in town is looking for this person and it’s only a matter of minutes before some sleuthing newsie makes the grade.

The feds will certainly review their interest in whether there was extortion involved, an option Hastert may want to dig up in his own defense (“I was the victim” is an age-old favorite in the courts). I am certain, too, there will be some looking into whether the $1.7 million or so that was already paid was lawfully divided with Uncle Sam; that could make for some interesting sentencing for a person who probably thought they had a free ride under their hat.

Though some are quick to jump, I’m not sure we can blame the Dems for this folly. Sure, someone may have greased the skids or pointed a finger, but this simply adds up to a compounding succession of bad decisions on the part of Hastert.

Phil Robertson Misses The Point

phil-robertsonMuch is being made of Phil Robertson‘s graphic description of an atheist family murder scenario. To be sure, it is disgusting. However, Robertson misses the point, and falls victim to a common misdirection that reveals his complete lack of understanding.

To catch you up: During a prayer breakfast in Florida, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame attempted to illustrate the evils of atheism by describing the brutal rape and murder of a “little atheist wife” and “two little atheist daughters.”

In his explicitly-described event, the atheist father is tied to a chair and made to watch as two villains rape and kill his family. Oh, and for good measure, Robertson describes in vivid detail the decapitation of the little atheist wife, and the incessant taunting of the villains to the atheist father.

You see; in Phil Robertson’s world, being an atheist is apparently something that justifies such a horrible punishment. He also seems to think that it is the atheist’s fault that this wife and daughters are brutally raped and murdered, you know… because the atheist has no morals. He clarifies this point in his story by explaining that the villains taunt the atheist father, implying that it’s OK they have done these horrible things because “there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong.” -As if…

Robertson unknowingly demonstrates a point that is clear among most in the atheist community, and lost on the majority of Christian zealots: the comprehension of right and wrong does not require a God.

In fact, as my atheist friends would tell you, having a God that threatens to punish you if you don’t do what he says seems to undermine the integrity of moral behavior. The theory questions whether you can claim a moral high-ground if your motivation lies primarily in self preservation and the avoidance of extreme punishment. Basically: are you resisting the urge to harm other people simply because God will punish you if you do? Or do you have the moral stamina to be good for goodness’ sake?

Nevertheless, Robertson misses completely a key point that makes me think he is an Arrogant Jerk: Robertson revels in the notion that the atheist would somehow have suddenly come to realize that rape and murder are wrong, but only because it just happened to them in a graphically horrible manner, and specifically because the atheist doesn’t believe in God.

This could only make sense to someone who’s moral standing is artificially buoyed upon belief, and not rooted in heartfelt compassion for our fellow man. That Robertson would spin such a demeaning tale to illustrate why belief in God is so important reverses his intentions and demonstrates turmoil and hatred – neither characteristic of the original Christian framework.

Here is the shocking tale that Robertson told at a prayer meeting, a meeting I must assume was assembled with inspirational intentions. I hope there were no children present; this is really awful:

“I’ll make a bet with you; two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot them and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And then they can look at him and say, ‘Isn’t it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it great that there’s nothing wrong with this? There’s no right or wrong, now is it dude?’

Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, ‘Wouldn’t it be something if this was something wrong with this? But you’re the one who says there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, so we’re just having fun. We’re sick in the head, have a nice day.’

If it happened to them, they probably would say, ‘something about this just ain’t right.’”

-Phil Robertson

I found audio of the event, too. You won’t believe this:

Obamacare Numbers Coming In Low

!!!ScreenSnapz073Like many around the nation I have been watching the rollout of the Affordable Care Act with the kind of interest reserved for the ending scenes of a Mexican bullfight; will the bull catch a horn on that pompous matador, or will the cavalier swordsman drive one home for the kill?

It’s too early to tell, but the following collection of thoughts may lend themselves to the water cooler considerations sweeping the country.

Today the Health and Human Services Department announced their stats for the first month of launch; a paltry 106,185 people “selected a Marketplace plan” on the ailing exchanges. It was not lost on some that this number is somewhat misleading because many people were forced to sign up by paper, and a significant chunk of those who “selected a plan” didn’t actually buy one. Many have already canceled their plans.

Am I the only one that assumes most of those 100k were the reporters who have been scrambling to see what is on the inside so they could file their reports? -This factor alone could account for more than half, easy.

It’s tough to say exactly how many there really are. The Administration certainly has a reason to use the largest number they can justify, and with tricky language in the report it is easy to see they have done a little inflating.

What we do know, per the Administration’s own reporting, is that the greatest number we can assume is 106,185. Here are my thoughts to share on the matter:

1. Apple sold more iPad Airs in their first hour of launch, at over $400 apiece. This is not an endorsement of Apple, but an interesting comparison of cost vs value. It would be difficult to say that Apple had more awareness at the time of launch; practically everyone in the country was watching the rollout of Obamacare. With an estimated 30 million people waiting for their chance at affordable healthcare, you would think that more than a handful would have jumped at the chance in the first 30 days.

2. Currently we are at a running deficit for people who have been canceled vs people who have signup up for new programs. According to news reports, California alone will see over a million people lose their current insurance plan. This despite so many promises from our president that he was starting to employ inflection tricks to he didn’t sound like a broken record. There is certainly time to recover, but we have hurt many more than we have helped by a factor of more than 30. Ouch.

3. High ranking Democrats including Feinstein and Landrieu are expressing frustration after receiving tens of thousands of calls from their constituents complaining about increased costs. Things could go bad in a hurry when you have leading supporters showing worse for wear. Feinstein and Landrieu in particular have joined forces on a bill proposing there be a provision to allow anyone who wants to keep their insurance to do so, as promised. The problem here is that millions have already been spend on cancellations, the opportunity for mass confusion is growing by the second, and it’s going to take more than goodwill to stop this runaway train; Harry Reid has already made it clear he won’t consider any new changes to the law.

4. Finally, in the “how much more can this thing take” category, the apparent deception and plain ole lying is really starting to take its toll. Things got off to a rocky start way back when the Republicans and Tea Partiers were accusing the Administration of everything from experimentation to death panels. President Obama hit the trail hard declaring to everyone like Paul Revere that they could keep their plan and keep their doctors, period. Oops; this turned out to be a big one, and our President put his foot in a little further when he tried to clarify his remarks by adding some caveats. Detractors were quick to point out that he was rather emphatic the first time.

Not to be left behind, Nancy Pilosi, who famously said that we needed to pass this bill in order to find out what is in it, tweeted adoption numbers last week that would make Apple proud. She could hardly have been less accurate, leaving us to wonder whether she just plain doesn’t have a clue, or if she really is lying through her teeth.

Jerry Sandusky Brings Us Out Of Retirement

Jerry Sandusky was awarded no fewer than 30 years in prison yesterday for his conviction as a sexual predator of children. A good start, at least.

My blood boiled as I heard some of the details of his activities, and I have since turned away from learning more in care of my parental sensibilities. Jerry Sandusky is a jerk, to be sure, but it gets worse…

Worse, because before he showed up in court, in front of his victims and an embarrassed community of college sports fans and Pennsylvania students, Sandusky was featured in a campus radio interview. In the interview he proclaimed his innocence among a slew of conspiracy theories that would require a vast underground network of insiders. -That takes a fairly hefty level of Arrogance, if you ask me.

In the radio interview, Sandusky was defiant, and furthered his stance with a rambling 15-minute discussion of himself and how friendly he has gotten with his cell buddies in prison. -Who the hell cares, Sandusky; you were observed doing bad things to minors in a locker room shower and your delusional justifications are not welcome here.

He showed no remorse or concern as several of his victims addressed him in court. In fact in his defiant declaration he made sure that we all understand that he thinks he is the victim here. Psychologists all over the country are having a hayday at this predictable predatory behavior.

Sandusky now proudly gets to wear a the label of ‘sexually violent pedophile.’ He didn’t fight the classification, which may have been an act of self-preservation more than a passive admission of guilt. It is likely he didn’t make a fuss about this because it will help define where he gets placed in the prison system, and it is my understanding that the general population doesn’t take kindly to child rapists.

We can now only rest a little more comfortably knowing that he will likely die in prison. At the age of 68, he will be at least 98 before he is eligible to step a foot outside the gate. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for any quality time on the outside. If we’re lucky, he will encounter a scourge or two while he is in there and perhaps get a taste of what it’s like to be on the other end of the stick (so to speak).

Keep your dirty hands off our children, you Arrogant Jerk.

Arrogant Jerk Pat Robertson Wins My Evangelist Challenge

The moment I heard the terrible news about the earthquake in Haiti I wondered which of our world’s prominent Arrogant Jerk evangelists would be the first to claim the devastation was ‘wrought by God upon a deserving people’.

pat-robertson-haitiCongratulations Pat Robertson; you are an Arrogant Jerk of the Evangelical Kind for suggesting that the earthquake was sent by God. I am having a hard time comprehending why any deity would bring utter devastation to a people who are already struggling for life on a good day. I am so incensed by Pat Robertson’s comments on Haiti that I can barely contain myself. I am uncontrollably compelled to write this post against Past Robertson, an Arrogant Jerk who has time and again proven himself to be among our most Arrogant and vile examples of humanity.

To be honest, I was sure it would be Pat. He does not disappoint when it comes to pretending to know and talk to God and what ‘His’ supposed intentions are, especially when it comes to natural disasters. Yes, you can already find Brother Robertson in our Arrogant Jerk hall of fame for making similarly outrageous proclamations. He assured us that God would punish the North Eastern coast of the United States because we are so wicked (didn’t happen), warned us of giant storms (fizzled), and pretended to receive direct word from god that the destroying angels were on their way (must have taken a wrong turn).

So now, Pat Robertson gets an early lead on condemning the poor people of Haiti and not only implies that their lifestyle brought the wrath of God upon them, but Arrogantly asserts that he is privy to some fantastic deal with the devil. His flamboyance is astounding as he tells us that Haiti made a pact with The Devil to get away from France, and that The Devil agreed. “True Story” he says, ever so Arrogantly as if he were there as witness. What a Jerk.

Even more disgusting is his feigned sympathy for the people of Haiti at the end of this video clip. In unknowing self mockery, Pat explains in the attached video that the island of Hispaniola is divided in two, with prosperous Dominion Republic on the one side and the poor, condemned Haiti on the other. His obvious thesis; that Haiti is cursed, fails to comprehend a history of corrupt leadership and poor self government mired by devastating poverty. Haiti is almost wholly Christian, with over 80 percent of the country claiming to be Roman Catholic. Of the remaining 20 percent, over 15 percent claim to be Protestant. Judging by the pictures of people helping others, I am sure many of them would be considered good people by religious standards.

Tell me, Pat; why would God kick his own people while they’re down? Could it have something to do with that donation number you flash at the end of your exhibition? You Arrogant Jerk.

Here’s the video:


Pat Robertson appears to be cashing in on the tragedy of Haiti with Arrogant claims of ‘knowing God’s will’ and imposed doom from above on people who don’t live within his lifestyle constraints. I think this is terrible, as you can tell. Earthquakes are a common happening on our planet as a function of plate tectonics; our Earth’s crust is in motion, and occasionally it ‘snaps’ as built up pressure exceeds structural resistance. This has been happening for billions of years. The ability to predict an earthquake is of no special condition because we can all be certain another one will happen at some point in the next hour or two. Yes; earthquakes happen somewhere on our planet almost continuously. While frequency is regular, magnitude is not so much. Most of the earthquakes we experience are so slight that we hardly notice at all. Occasionally, they are big. Big is predictable, to an extent, and not wholly unexpected, although exact timing is practically impossible to determine. Our planet is virtually covered with people. This fact, coupled with the understanding that earthquakes are happening all the time, means that someone, somewhere will experience an earthquake of some magnitude. When the magnitude is significant (above 4) bad things start to happen with our buildings. Throw all this into a blender and mix it up and you have an occasional and devastating convergence that is terrible. Haiti is the latest example, but won’t be the last. God has nothing to do with it.

Nevertheless; knowing this is a simple act of nature does not make it any easier to take. The people of Haiti have been hit hard, and it is truly terrible. I cannot find words to describe my heartache for them.

If you are not already feeling overwhelming sympathy for the people of Haiti, grab a tissue and check out this Haiti earthquake slide show.

Nidal Malik Hasan is a Murdering Jerk

malik-nadal-hasanNearly moved to tears tonight, I have torn myself away from the news to express my absolute disdain for U.S. soldier Nidal Malik Hasan.  Hasan is an Arrogant Jerk of the worst kind for allowing his religion, poor judgment, poor performance and treasonous attitude to motivate him to commit outright murder of innocent people.

Tonight it is reported that he has survived a volley of returned fire and is laying in a hospital in Texas in stable condition. It is a shame that he will be provided some of the best medical care in the world to assure that he lives to see another day. If it were up to me, we would allow a few of his fellow soldiers in the room with nothing more than a carpenter’s toolkit and a few minutes of ‘alone time’. This Jerk doesn’t deserve to suck another ounce of our planet’s precious oxygen. Let’s get to it:

Frustrating beyond my ability to express is the news that this guy has already been investigated for making pro-terrorist comments while serving as a Major in the United States Army. You guessed it; he is a Muslim. He proudly displayed the name of Allah on his office door, and told a group of soldiers that strapping a bomb to your chest and blowing up a street full of women and children is ‘heroic’. The news media is tip-toeing around this fact like they’re dancing across a hot parking lot in bare feet. Perhaps they don’t want to be the ones to tip the wagon, but we all know what we’re all thinking: another Islamic extremist has done it again.

Gays in the military? Who cares; watch as the country turns their concern to the Muslims. After all, when was the last time a gay soldier went haywire and shot the place up? This won’t be good for Islam, and no doubt the nation will be watching for their universal condemnation.

Apparently Nidal Malik Hasan recently received a poor performance review, too. It is assumed that this may be one of the reasons that put him over the edge. As a major, a poor performance review would mean that he would be overlooked for future promotions. Not a good reason to go shooting up the place, if you ask me. In fact, I would submit that whoever gave him the poor review was probably right on the money; high performance soldiers do not turn on their own men and women.

Another fact to come out that is rubbing me raw is the news that he was the recipient of a full-ride scholarship. We even paid him while he went to school. He received a top-notch education and money in the bank from the military. When it came time to return the service to his country he flipped his lid and killed 12 patriots who were sworn to protect him under any and all circumstances. What an Arrogant Jerk!

I feel terrible for the 12 who were killed, and their families and friends. I have a daughter in the military and I know what it is like to have a child on base; there is a lot of worry and concern, but this is unexpected and tragic. You worry about accidents, you fend off thoughts of being called up, but all these are within the realm of expectation. To be murdered in cold blood by a superior officer is torment of the worst kind. I also feel sick for the wounded; these men and women have a tough road ahead of them; I hope they are all in good repair.

As for Nidal Hasan; I have not yet learned of the options that lay before him. Texas has the death penalty, of which he certainly qualifies for front row seating. I am not sure if this being a military incident has any effect on state law, or whether the military has their own way of dealing with these issues. Regardless, we can only hope that at some point someone will get medieval on his ass ala Marsalis Wallis.

Along with murder, Nidal Malik Hasan should be tried and convicted of treason. And for being an Arrogant Jerk of the worst kind. Hang him high.

Zero Tolerant Jerk

George J GoodwinThough I get a little busy these days and can’t always post my thoughts about the latest Arrogant Jerk, I just can’t let George J. Goodwin get the slip. This guy really takes the cake.

George Goodwin is apparently the superintendent at Lansingburgh Central School District where he has established a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to any type of weapon on the school grounds. And apparently no amount of reason or common sense will sway him. Here’s the story:

Seventeen year old Matthew Whalen, an Eagle Scout, high achiever, and recipient of the Life-Saving Heroism award from the Boy Scouts of America for giving CPR to his aunt and saving her life, answered honestly when he was asked if he had a knife locked safely in his car at the school. By all accounts, he said ‘yes’, apparently believing that the small knife, a part of his on-board survival mess kit was no matter.

Think again, Matthew; we live in trying times and that knife could have been used to threaten someone. Let’s not get all bogged down discussing the fact that the knife was locked away safely in his car, and wasn’t brought into the school or involved in any way with any act of violence. Matthew was suspended from school for 20 days. Sheesh!

Does George get all worked up over the idea that an average #2 pencil poses an equal threat? Or that a classroom chair could become a wieldy swinging object? Does the school’s Sanitation Engineer carry one of those putty knives they use to scrape gum off the floor? Watch out; Danger!

It makes me wonder how they handle teaching these kids skills that they can actually use in the world without giving them any potential weapons. A metal spatula in cooking class? A hammer in construction class? How about a needle in sewing? I have a notion that Goodwin has displaced these skill-based classes with more useful curriculum such as ‘Rock and Roll History’ (no kidding; offered at my local highschool. In my day we called it ‘listening to the radio’).

I read, too, that Matthew is concerned that his absence from school may spoil is excellent grades and potentially cause problems for his application to the military. I wonder if George is concerned that this young man’s own hands will become lethal weapons themselves after a rigorous Basic Training. This kid is an outstanding achiever with a plan for what to do when he graduates. An outstanding kid!

To add salt to the wound, Mr. Goodwin is apparently refusing to even talk with the young man about the incident. Probably because he knows that once a discussion is mounted that his ridiculous actions will expose him as an Arrogant Jerk.

Watch your back, George Goodwin; there could be a student with a rubber band in his trunk.

Van Jones’ Self Mockery

I woke this morning to news that Van Jones, President Obama’s ‘Green Jobs Czar’, has stepped down.

vanjonesI honestly didn’t see that coming, even though he was fast becoming the center of attention in all but the most liberal of news outlets.

Discovered by bloggers, fanned by Matt Drudge, amplified by Fox News and pinpointed by a few specific members of congress, Van Jone’s past has finally caught up with him. Brought into the White House as a ‘Green Jobs Czar’, Jones was able to sidestep the normal vetting process, leaving him as an open target when items started bubbling to the surface. The White House seemed to distance themselves from him almost immediately as he spent the last week apologizing for such public discrepancies as calling Republicans at-large “assholes” and supporting (with his signature) the ‘9/11 Truthers’, who believe that the Bush administration were responsible for the terror attacks.

While it is not illegal to say or believe in such incendiary notions, it is a bit of a flag-raiser for a holder of public office. Certainly an ‘item of concern’ about someone who has the ear of The President, but who is not held to any accountability as are regular holders of office (a ‘Czar’ is a pseudo-cabinet position created by the president, and not accounted for in The Constitution).

Anyway; Jones acknowledged the truth of said distractions in two apologies before pulling the ripcord, and for this reason I have to question a particularly biting line in his resignation. In his resignation he says his detractors are “using lies and distortions to distract and divide”.

Hmmm; lies and distortions? Why then apologize? It’s awful hard to call someone a liar after you have apologized for the actions you are defending. Not only that, but I did not hear one accusation of Jones that was not backed up with full video support or written documentation. The offending accusations line up like this:

Hardly lies and distortions. Illegal? No. Racist and bigoted? Perhaps. Unbecoming of a bi-partisan politician who has the ear of The President? Certainly.

And because all of this fully documented in employment records, videos posted to YouTube and in documents published by 9/11 Truthers, I think it is particularly revealing that he would bite back with the whole ‘lies and distortions’ angle when it is more than clear that the truth has set him free. It is his own worst self-mockery. He is literally rubbing his own salt into his own wounds in a most Arrogant way.

It is best that he step down and avoid directing this particular poison toward The President, who is already running an uphill battle on almost every front.

Even the LA Times is in on this one. Now.

Arrogant Kidnapping Jerk

It’s probably more difficult to be an Arrogant Jerk when you live in humble circumstances, but Philip Garrido proved it can be done when he defended his actions to news reporters yesterday.

philip garridoWhile admitting it was ‘disgusting’ that he kidnapped a young 11-year old Jaycee Lee Dugard from her bus stop in 1991 and proceeded to rape her for 18 years, Philip Garrido said “Wait until you hear what happened in this house” and went on to explain that the public would “be completely impressed” by his self-righteously proposed “heartwarming life turnaround”. Words cannot describe the visions in my head at this point, and frankly it may be illegal for me to divulge what I want to do to this guy after hearing him say this.

Philip Garrido is the kind of Arrogant Jerk for which vigilante justice was created. We can only hope in our wildest of dreams that the judge in charge of this case throws him into General Population and turns his back. At least for a few minutes. Garrido wouldn’t make it to the chow line (I am pleased in my understanding that child rapists do not fare well among prisoners).

The story we know so far: 11-year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was standing at her school bus stop down the road from her house one morning in 1991. Her stepfather was watching her from the driveway a short ways away. A car pulls up and someone snatches Jaycee and she is never seen again. For 18 years.

During this 18 years, some of the most incomprehensibly horrible things happen to a number of people. Let’s list them:

  1. Jaycee is held against her will, brainwashed, and raped numerous times. She produced two children along the way, fathered (we presume) by Philip Garrido. Garrido’s wife, Nancy, by the way, gets an honorable mention as ‘Defective Arrogant Jerk Wife’ for standing by and watching it all happen, a la Wanda Barzee.
  2. Jaycee’s mother cries herself to sleep approximately 6,570 times as she wonders what happened to her little girl for 18 years, many of which she probably gives into, or fights off the nagging thought that perhaps her husband and stepfather to Jaycee, Carl Probyn, may have had something to do with it (most child abductions are carried out by a family member, with step-somethings maintaining prime suspicion).
  3. Carl Probyn, Jaycee’s stepfather, the only witness to the event, was scrutinized, disbelieved, ridiculed and discredited from the moment police arrived on the scene. His life has been miserable in knowing that while he was telling the truth; no one would believe him. Ever. It broke up his marriage, and cost him approximately 6,570 days of unbelievable frustration. Based on the reports, it appears that he stayed on the trail and did everything he possibly could to find the girl, no doubt in part motivated by the possibility of clearing his name.
  4. Extended family and friends who no doubt spent many a night in anguish over the mysterious loss of their beloved child. It is terrible to loose a child to death. It must be excruciating to loose a child to an unknown and perhaps terrible destiny. The mental baggage is ruinous to say the least.
  5. Let’s not forget there are two innocent and perhaps completely unknowing young ladies (aged 11 and 15) involved, too. I am sure their brains are doing extreme gymnastics as the facts unfold around them and they try to get a grip on their alternate reality. They will suddenly not know who they are, and will spend years trying to figure it out.

After all this, Garrido’s Arrogant stance that we might be “completely impressed” by anything he could have done establishes him as such a Jerk that I am having a hard time keeping my language clean. The death penalty seems too easy a punishment for this kind of crime, even if it were available. This Arrogant Jerk has some serious gall to think we would consider anything he could have done in this situation as worthy of any positive impression. I can’t think of a single instance by which these actions can be justified.

Nope; This kind of Arrogant Jerk deserves to receive the kind of punishment that only Quentin Tarantino could come up with. Something Jack Bauer couldn’t hold a candle to. This is among the most terrible acts I can imagine, and it deserves some equal and opposing reaction. The fact that a child was involved should immediately invoke a penalty involving a rusty dull knife and Garrido’s private parts. Spare the expense for anesthetic; this SOB needs to feel it.

Rot slowly, you Arrogant Kidnapping Jerk. And take your defective wife with you (motherly instinct, my ass!).

Watch a creepy video of Philip Garrido here, saying some extremely Arrogant and Jerky things. You’ll want to break his neck.

Flashback Nancy: Doubletalking Arrogance

Want to see something so amazing you will want to pull your hair out?

nancy pelosiJust last week I recall reading a Nancy Pelosi op-ed in USA Today discussing the ‘un-American’-ness of protesters as they held their signs and shouted out their anger over Obama’s health care plan. She also mentions in this video that protesters are ‘carrying swastikas’ as if to discredit the hordes of town hall attendees with a yet-unconfirmed reference to what may have been a single person.

I don’t recall Nancy complaining when Bush was depicted as Hitler, complete with a swastika scrawled on his forehead. In fact, I have never seen so many swastikas on display as I did during the last four years of Bush’s presidency, and I was a punk rocker in the 80’s. Selective memory? How about ‘Arrogant Selective Memory’.

And as I suspected would happen eventually, this morning I browsed the news and found a collection of video clips wherein Nancy Pelosi expresses her love and appreciation for protesters and disruptors. In a sparkling moment of contradiction and self-condemnation, Nancy is seen praising and welcoming shouts, signs and disruption, and goes so far as to mockingly ‘appreciate’ that Bush is fighting for their right to do so.

Watch this amazing video of Nancy Pelosi, and see for yourself that she is an Arrogant partisan politician who fends only for her party, and not for the will of the people. She contradicts herself with the prevailing wind, and takes advantage of opportunities merely to promote herself. In just a few short years she seems to have forgotten that she was a defender of free speech and an advocate of opinionated outrage.

Now, it seems, she is above all that, and when people are outraged about what she wants to do, she assures us the very same behavior is ‘un-American’, and that the movement is ‘astro-turf’ (which is the new way to refer to a grass-roots movement that you think is organized and paid for by corporate deep pockets and shadowing conspiracies).

So, which is it, Nancy? Protesters practicing free speech or swastika-flaunting communist organizations bent on ruining our world? Whichever you say, we’ll just wait for the wind to change again to hear your next opinion.

Way to go, Nancy; you are still an Arrogant Jerk.